Kornit Breeze 921 – New Direct-On-Garment Entry Level Printer

It was about time that Kornit Direct-on-garment printers released a new printer that is affordable, but maintains its high level of quality performance. The new printer is called Kornit 921 Breeze and is easy to operate from any computer, laptop or desktop, without the need of an air compressor.

The Kornit Breeze 921 industrial and yet small D.O.G printer is designed to allow garment decorators to use high-end technology benefits at entry-level costs. The printer uses Kornit`s proprietary pigmented ink and the Kornit QuickP Ripping application. The Kornit Direct-on-Garment printers are a premiere of their kind and the inks are also affordable. With the help of the new Kornit Breeze 921 printer, it is easier than ever to accomplish personalized prints and variable data imaging. State-of-the-art technology has been used to manufacture these printers. The machines have been designed and built from the ground up using a box beam frame that virtually eliminates vibration, linearized electro-magnetic motors for optimal efficiency and low maintenance, Spectra printing heads that are manufactured for industrial use and an innovative, yet simple ink system. The beauty of the Kornit printer is that it is designed to be operated by one person without any need for film, screens, etc. There are no set-up costs. Tests can be immediately evaluated and changes implemented without delay. Garment decorators can earn substantial profits imaging short and medium size runs.

Kornit has developed a unique garment ink specifically formulated for digital printing that delivers superior results not seen in the market today. The water-based CMYK and white inks work in combination with a wetting solution during the curing process, causing the pigments of the ink to stick to the fabric. This special ink can be printed on many types of fabric (up to two inches thick) that can stand traditional curing conditions, such as 100% cotton, cotton/poly blends, lycra, silk, canvas, linen, etc.  Wash fastness of the ink is very good with an ISO rating of 4 on a scale of 5 (the same as plastisol inks). The inks are highly stretchable, non-cracking and have a soft hand.  The white ink is used as base layer for the CMYK inks and also as a Super White highlight.

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