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Illustration of the day by John Holcroft

Illustration of the day – John Holcroft

I already told you about the bold illustrator named John Holcroft. His work showed us that we live in a toxic society that dooms humanity. Today, visiting his Facebook page in search for new satirical illustrations I found an inspiring piece. The illustration has as a focal point a baby in his crib playing with guns instead of toys. Kids are growing up in a society full of violence. They see violence everywhere : TV shows, games , movies, magazines,books and even on the streets. As a result more and more parents are worried for their children safety and they seem to respond to violence with more violence . This is the way to resolve our society issues? Learning children how to protect themselves by putting a gun in their hands ? These are some questions that John Holcroft addressed us once he has drawn a meaningful illustration .

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John Holcroft illustration of the day

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