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John Holcroft – Illustration Artist

John Holcroft is renown for his satirical illustrations.  His work shows the flaws in our society, emphasizing the cruel reality. While we all live in a century characterized by speed and technology, John Holcroft decided to show us the reality. As he says, we have become greedy and we seem to forget noble values, like kindness and sincerity.  This lack of humanity in us derives from the society we live in.

As an illustration artist, he has worked with dozens of companies based in UK , Sweden , Australia and USA. He has become viral on the internet when he released his newest satirical illustrations.  The main theme of his illustrations is greed and the main purpose is to criticize this greed. The illustrations often show people asking for more time, more money, more smartphones, more of everything, without giving something in return. What is more interesting is that he manages to show a certain flaw by keeping an objective, yet funny tone. Even if you may laugh while browsing through his art, you have to remember that excessive technology and more money are not the answer to a better society.

John Holcroft is basically teaching us how to survive in a toxic society, using, of course, illustrations containing rough content. You can visit his website here and you can “like” his Facebook page by clicking here

John Holcroft – Satirical Illustration Artist

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John Holcroft illustrator

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