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Iconic – The most iconic t-shirts through time…

I’m sure all of you passionate in this kind of graphic art have some favorite iconic t-shirt .But I think it’s just great to know some professional opinion and advices. Just for you we found out some of the greatest artists opinions concerning iconic t-shirts:

Craig Redman says that his never sick of seeing every day on his way to the studio the design of ‘I Love NY’.He thinks that the cool thing about this tees are the millions of illegal color variations.

I love new york t-shirt

I love New York T-shirt

The I Love New York logo is a rebus created by Milton Glaser.The logo has become a part of the American pop cultural canon, since inspiring countless knock-offs (t-shirts, bumper stickers, etc.) of the “I …” form. New York, in turn, has tried to uphold its trademark by filing a total of nearly 3,000 trademark objections against imitators .

Evanimal opinion is that nothing can kill the charm of D.A.R.E shirts. He just loves the irony of the messages.


Dare to resist the war

Geoff May  is saying that Misfits ‘Crimson Ghost’ is pretty iconic:’You see that shirt with that just face and than you instantly think- Misfits’

Skull t-shirt

Skull t-shirt

Misfits t-shirt

Misfits t-shirt

Victor Ortiz just loves the iconic t-shirt graphics but one of the most is the smiley face never looks old fashion.

don't worry be happy t-shirt

don't worry be happy t-shirt

Cameron McEwan just loves the classic “communist party” by Tom Burns.He likes the political messages but this one in particular because the message is about having a good time.

comunist party

Comy party

Derrick Castle loves the Che Guevvara iconic t-shirts .It’s often used as a message for rebellion.

Che t-shirt

Che Guevara T-shirt

Antoine Hester he thinks that the most iconic t-shirt is that one with the Obama design that produced and entire collection of figures with red and blue iconic shirts.

Barack Obama t-shirt

Barack Obama t-shirt

Rob Gold thinks that Rolling Stones lips and tongue are just sensual and timeless.

Killing Stone

Killing Stone T-shirt