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Posts tagged with ‘Obama’

  • Iconic – The most iconic t-shirts through time…

    By Barkone on October 27, 2010
    I’m sure all of you passionate in this kind of graphic art have some favorite iconic t-shirt .But I think it’s just great to know some professional opinion and advices. Just for you we found out some of the greatest artists opinions concerning iconic t-shirts: Craig Redman says that his never sick of seeing every day on his way to […]
  • Zombama returns to TeeFury!

    By Barkone on October 26, 2010
    The newest shirt by Zombana release from TeeFury. ZOMBAMA RETURNS! On Halloween (Oct 31) ZOMBAMA will return to the site that made him famous, TeeFury ! This isn’t Zombama as you remember him… he’s decayed a bit more since last time and he’s starting to attract more flies and maggots (and he’s printed on a sinister black shirt instead of […]
  • Zombie celebrities – the other side of famous faces

    By Oana on July 7, 2010
    Everybody knows that celebrities are overpaid and over-rated, so that’s no wonder that when the zombification “virus” spread all over the world, they were the first to suffer transformations – being at the mercy of some amazing artists imagination. This trend of zombifying celebrities has become very popular, and continues to be appreciated, due to its macabre feeling, because it […]