On the 3rd Day of Christmas: Free Printable Patterns

Free Printable Patterns

We’ve taken care of gift tags and Christmas cards, now let’s get on to the wrapping part. Christmas patterns can be mainly  used to create some adorable present wrapping, but that’s not all they’re good for.

Patterns are excellent for textiles, like pillow covers, blankets, tapestry, duvets or curtains. Most likely you have a holiday mug with a seasonal patterns, so they work for tableware as well. Not to mention the myriad of accessories, like phone cases, notebooks, pencil holders or bags that can highlight a creative motive.

There’s plenty of vintage styles, minimalist seamless patterns of Christmas tree, snowflakes, woodland creatures, ugly sweaters and all types of decoration elements you can think of. Some even have a watercolor effects that work great style-wise with those free tags mentioned in an earlier post.

At the end of this post you will find a few examples of how patterns can do wonders on common objects. The images are from sellers on Creative Market, with images linking directly to their stores. The free material included will easily pass as premium digital paper that you can use in the same way.

free printable patterns

How to use patterns:

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