On the 1st Day of Christmas: Free holiday tags

Free holiday tags for personalized gifts

This year, I had time to prepare the presents well ahead of time. So, thanks to that Christmas miracle, I decided that I could go for the DIY holiday gift tags. I struggled, I searched for the easiest projects but drawing is definitely not my thing. I have come to appreciate, once again, the talent and dedication you need in order to create beautifully written wishes, that otherwise look like they took no effort.

I’m not here to discourage your good intentions. But if you find yourself lacking in the drawing department, like myself, these are a few excellent resources to save face and cure a bruised ego.

More specifically, the following material includes free holiday tags. The templates can be printed immediately to personalize your gifts for the perfect final touch. There’s plenty of typographical elements that make them look hand-made, but without the smudges and crooked letters. I also selected beautiful watercolor details and, my favorites, honest wishes that your family will surely enjoy! There is even a tutorial with step by step images to guide you through.

The style relies on the saying “Les is more”. The simplicity of the tags invite the curiosity of the recipient to discover the toughfulness of your gift.

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free holiday tags

free holiday tags

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