Folk illustrations by Romanian designer Madalina Andronic

Romanian illustrators

I’ve been following Madalina Andronic for quite a while. It’s a pity I haven’t mentioned her on the blog until now. I had that intention many times before, but once on her portfolio, I just got lost and forgot about everything else. It’s time I fixed that. So, here’s another name to the celebratory list of Romanian illustrators.

Madalina Andronic and the art of folk illustrations

Madalina is an illustrator from Romania, who also specializes in painting on ceramics. Her entire work revolves around traditional themes, with inspiration from the local folklore and fairy tales. When you look at it you will notice strong accents of naive art.

She’s been creating art for books published in the UK, USA and of course Romania. Her distinctive style is the result of talent and much, much study at the Camberwell College or Arts, London.  Working for clients all over the world is also a considerable contributing factor.

She does the exact type of work I get so frustrated about. It looks like it took a few minutes to do the illustrations. But you get down to recreate it and it’s absolutely impossible.

Inktober 2017

I mentioned in an earlier post about my failed attempt at imitating a few free holiday tags. It’s never as easy as it seems. And that’s what makes it so complex: knowing the exact fine line between awful design and carefully crafted aesthetics. It’s thousand of hours of practice, choosing the right elements to include, tactfully playing with geometry and colors. No detail is meaningless, because they all build up to a truly unique perspective.

She does wonderful ceramic decor, designs for t-shirts and adds magic to events through her wonderful stationery. She’s active in the graphic industry through workshops, design challenges and fairs.

Madalina Andronic is a fully-fledged illustrator that makes this world so much prettier and lovable. And I thought you should know about her and support her.

folk illustrations


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