Father’s Day Gifts from TruffleShuffle, Spreadshirt, CafePress and more

 A short guide to Father’s Day gifts

Father’s Day is getting closer and closer and great deals are popping up everywhere, from our social media news feeds, to newsletters and, honestly, everywhere else. Just so you know, in most countries (such as UK, USA, Canada, France, Japan etc), the celebration that honors fatherhood takes place on the third Sunday of June, which this year is June 19th.

So, big online and offline retailers with customers from all of these countries already set up many offers and discounts, or just very cool products for your old man. Such is the case for some of our favorites sites like DesignbyHumans, Spreadshirt, RedBubble, TruffleShuffle, 80stees, Zazzle, CafePress and more. We mainly love them because of their humorous side. We’re sure your father is also a big boy that will appreciate silly, geeky or cheeky gifts as much as we do.

The first recommendation comes from TruffleShuffle, where you can get get FREE 1st class shipping using the code FIRSTCLASSDAD. The minimum order is of £20 for UK orders only.

truffle shuffle


Our next stop is at CafePress, where you can choose from trending themes such as Awesome Dad Gifts, Dad’s 1st Father’s Day, New Dad, Father’s Day Movies & TV and more. You can also take advantage of a discount – 20% off your order, with the code JUNE20.


worlds_greatest_farter_i_mean_father_mugs the_incredible_dad_tshirt

From Spreadshirt you can choose from the men’s section the best selling gift products, some of them we selected below, that fit very well with the occasion in question:

bump daddy galaxy grandad stepdad

We’ve also rounded up some of the most popular Father’s Day Gifts from Zazzle, either for new dads, techie dads or even godfathers:


getimage (1)

getimage (2)

i_dad_idad_iphone_5_cover-rce0e337a29444bedbf3667f7c9c2ff3e_80cs7_8byvr_512 black_text_vintage_super_dad_t_shirt-rd5db1bec7af84089b1294175c5e85999_jg4re_512 all_hail_the_baby_maker_funny_fathers_day_tee-rcc2db70caecc4e359ab6b70768c4c11d_jg4de_512

The most hilarious t-shirts we found over at RedBubble. You can also check out a post from 2015, with their recommendations, depending on your man’s or pop’s personality.

darth father ra,unisex_tshirt,x1350,5e504c-7bf03840f4,front-c,30,60,940,730-bg,f8f8f8.u1 ra,unisex_tshirt,x1350,101010-01c5ca27c6,front-c,30,60,940,730-bg,f8f8f8 ra,unisex_tshirt,x1350,e0e1dd-064437a66d,front-c,30,60,940,730-bg,f8f8f8.u1

For the pop culture, comic book lover dad in your life, 80sTees have the best geeky t-shirts to impress him:

charcoal-1-dad-in-the-galaxy-star-wars-t-shirt.dsk incredible-dad-t-shirt.v2.dsk marvel-comics-fathers-day-t-shirt.v2.dsk transformers-fathers-day-t-shirt.v3.dsk

Last but not least, a few t-shirts that would make for great gifts for the father figures in your family, from DesignbyHumans, Society6 and Threadless. The designs that are not that explicit about the intended recipient, but they touch upon their passion in an abstract way:

1272x920shirt_guys_03 140266.a7.27d89S7YyAQA-650x450-b-p fishing-lures-pds-mugs

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