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Posts tagged with ‘society6’

  • Hit or miss: Brands marking International Womens Day

    By Oana on March 9, 2018
    Real-time marketing for International Womens Day International Women’s day is a time to praise the super humans that women prove to be over and over again. They prevail over hardships that men would otherwise be overwhelmed by. They give life and manifest themselves as an amazing source of compassion, care and progress. Add to that the latest surfacing of the […]
  • Society6 Stickers are now available!

    By Oana on October 5, 2017
    Society6 Stickers The fine art we always admire on Society6 is now available as stickers. It’s a product that customers have been requesting for a long time, especially because of the independent artists that put out some of the most original designs in the industry. Now you can take that fine work with you anywhere: on your laptop, notebooks, skateboard […]
  • Father’s Day Gifts from TruffleShuffle, Spreadshirt, CafePress and more

    By Oana on June 10, 2016
     A short guide to Father’s Day gifts Father’s Day is getting closer and closer and great deals are popping up everywhere, from our social media news feeds, to newsletters and, honestly, everywhere else. Just so you know, in most countries (such as UK, USA, Canada, France, Japan etc), the celebration that honors fatherhood takes place on the third Sunday of […]
  • Mat Miller’s newest illustration

    By Stefy on March 12, 2015
    We’ve already talked about the outstanding , freelance illustrator : Mat Miller. Born in Bristol, UK he has given life to savage animals since he was a student. Among his favorite things to design we can find: owls, peacocks, gorillas and stags.  You can read all the background information you need on Mat Miller in our previous post about him […]
  • Coffee t-shirt for a gooood day !

    By Oana on August 28, 2014
    Coffee t-shirt by Steve Simpson You love coffee and you don’t have a coffee t-shirt? It seems to have been a long week which made me love this t-shirt design, featuring the very world of coffee junkies. The coffee t-shirt artwork is done by the amazing Steve Simpson. Perfect for coffee maniacs or for bad days when the coffee is […]
  • Budi Satria Kwan Interview for Tshirt-Factory!

    By Oana on February 28, 2012
    Budi Satria Kwan is a very popular graphic artist from Indonesia whose prints must have caught your attention. Even if you don’t know him by name you already are a fan of his great works, I assure you. He is heavily featured on great t-shirt sites and communities like Threadless, Society6, Lafraise, Design by Humans and many more. He was […]
  • Cool t shirt designs #19

    By Oana on February 27, 2012
    Not the way you'd think death comes after you but wouldn't it be nice to be like this? The print is available on society6 and makes for a great fuck you to death. It's more important to live to the fullest than take her seriously! Skate on! [ca ption id=”attachment_10332″ align=”aligncenter” width=”540″ caption=”Skate til you die”][/caption] zp8497586rq
  • Artist of the week – Norman Duenas

    By Oana on February 17, 2012
    I chose Norman Duenas as this week’s featured artist without even realizing it. Generally I get interested in the design and then the artist. I avoid checking out the artist at the beginning so that I don’t get biased by their existing popularity. People unconsciously develop an affinity for something that is already popular, I being one of them sometimes. […]
  • Cool t shirt for today #5

    By Oana on February 13, 2012
    The good thing about science is that it is true whether or not you believe in it! How is that for a reality check?Have a great Monday!