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Both graphic designers and employers are constantly looking for a reliable source to their ventures. Artists focus more and more on freelancing while employers find hiring on commission more practical. Because of that, plenty of such marketplaces that connect the two parties have developed along the years.

Well-structured, well-organized sites like Freelancer, Gumroad or Designhill are among the top choices.

Designhill, in particular, has had a sky-rocketing popularity. In short, the site is one of the largest online design marketplaces. It connects designers who create graphics, logo design, banner design, packaging design, merchandise design, web design and many other works, with their customers. In turn, customers are welcomed to a wide pool of professionals, where they can pick and choose for a one on one collaboration.

It launched in 2014, which is not that long ago. That’s why I said it quickly developed in the platform it is today. The founders,┬áRahul Aggarwal and Varun Aggarwal, were met with excellent feedback. Thus, they also opened subsidiary company and office in Delaware, United States.

Pricing and FAQ are detailed on the dedicated section so that you know what to expect. Designhill is huge and offers comprehensive packages for both designers and employers. It seems to cover all aspects of the design industry, no matter the team you’re playing in. And you can even get a special offer that will expire soon. Click the banner at the top of the homepage to activate the code. This will save you $100 ($100 power upgrades).

Before you join, you can check out the awarded designs and have an idea about the level of quality.

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