Improve your design skills with these creative challenges

10 Twitter accounts for creative challenges

Here we are at the beginning of a new creative year, hopefully focused on being more innovative, more patient and more respectful to deadlines. That last one sounds particularly far-fetched. But seriously speaking, from all the wishes we could send you, the best is for you to be constantly inspired.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to cancel out the noise of outside distractions. January is especially tougher.  Therefore, I thought this was the best time to offer you some creativity boosters. Obviously, the internet is full of trend lists, tools, tutorials and tips. Nevertheless, I’m here to give you something more basic: everyday challenges to train your designing muscles.

Twitter has a strong, smart creative community that encourages and supports illustrators, keeping them on their toes. I personally prefer it more than Facebook, because it feels more heartfelt, where people still have honest conversations. This is where I found illustrators engaged in creative challengers launched by their peers who seek to “ to cultivate constructive connections”. These Twitter accounts promote talent, consistency and learning.

Hence, I think following them and participating in their discussions with work, will stimulate productivity. Some are based on daily or weekly challenges others are solely dedicated to a certain time of year, like October. If you enjoy Inktober, you will love these ones too. Furthermore, I included some that act as a platform for commentary on current (notorious) events.

The Monster Project – Kids draw monsters. Artists from all over the world recreate them in their own styles.

Colour Collective – A weekly challenge where you make work based on a single colour. 

Illustration Friday – A super fun weekly artistic challenge 

Animal Alphabets – Creative weekly challenge based on a letter. 

Kidlitart – weekly chat for children’s book illustrators & friends

Sketch Dailies – Daily character inspiration

Illustration Daily – Illustration Daily is an online platform where professional illustrators share personal and editorial work that comments on the world today.

Hire an Illustrator – a community of around 500 professional illustrators. 

Thirty Logos Challenge – Logo design challenges modeled after realistic client briefs.

Inktober – 31 days, 31 drawings. Join a worldwide community of artists participating in Inktober every October

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