Join the 2017 Inktober Design Challenge

Inktober Design Challenge

The Inktober Initiative was established by Jake Parker in 2009 as a way to improve drawing skills but to also create a certain discipline in the process. Apparently many thought it was a great idea and took on the challenge.

Today, Inktober is a yearly global phenomenon. Every October artists all over the world challenge themselves to create 31 drawings with a certain theme or motifs. There is also an official prompt list and a few rules you need to follow.

While the list can be anything (below I included a few versions for your inspiration), the rules should be closely  followed. That is if you want to join this community and get a chance at a retweet on the original Inktober account, followed by around 34k people. That kind of targeted exposure could lead to some productive collaborations. Plus, it’s always fun to see artists being challenged when there’s only the love for art at stake. No material prize, no glory, just passion for drawing.

And I also think the time of year gives way for some thrilling themes. For the blog, this is an excellent way to kick off Halloween season!

Make sure to follow the #inktober on Twitter and create something gorgeous everyday, all year round, not just this October. Here’s some motivation from talented artists joining the challenge, to get you started!

Ben The Illustrator:


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