Catching up with the latest Cotton Bureau t-shirts

New Cotton Bureau T-shirts

I feel bad because I haven’t checked on Cotton Bureau for a while. I’ve just had a look at a few designs and I must say, I find them pretty astonishing. That’s because I honestly enjoy 99% of everything they put out and wish I could wear all of them.

Some of them don’t resonate with me because I’m not from the United States of because I can`t see myself wearing a toilet roll on my t-shirt. But even for those designs, I can see the fun in them and can appreciate the execution.


And another thing I love, the site: simple, easy to sort the printed designs and the available products.

Cotton Bureau is always delivering in terms of quality, style consistency and product information. The designs are minimalist and each product is detailed with how many units it has sold, the days left in the campaign, size chart and info about the artist –  all on one comprehensive page.

For an in-depth description of their services and products you can read the article we did on how to sell your designs on their platform.

Pocket Rocket
Cotton Bureau t-shirts
Wander the Woods
Fuck it
When they go low..

My absolute favorite has to be “Pocket Rocket”.

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