Recommendation: Cotton Bureau tshirt platform for minimalist design

Selling your designs – Cotton Bureau tshirt platform

I’ve been wanting to post about Cotton Bureau for a long time now because I follow them on Twitter and they always post minimalistic t-shirt design that I would wear anytime, anywhere. I don’t think there is a print I don’t like. Just many that I wish I could find easier in our local shops. I’d rather give money to independent designers and t-shirt line than big retailers that charge $30 for silly meme prints. I’d rather have something unique, good quality, limited edition apparel for the price, while encouraging and supporting graphic artist.

But, let’s start with the beginning: Cotton Bureau is a platform for t-shirt selling. It all started with a design studio that evolved into a web design and t-shirt store community called United Pixelworkers. Now there are four people behind the project: Jay Fanelli, in charge of colors, shapes, and letters. Nathan Peretic, in charge of front-end code, operations. Matthew Chambers is the most important member of the website team, the only one trusted to touch the database. And last but not least, Sara Gardinier, Cotton Bureau’s Chief Fulfillment Officer and Customer Service.

Basically, designers make money selling their designs on t-shirts, the people behind Cotton Bureau make money and the customers get some kick-ass t-shirts nowhere else they would, since every print is carefully hand picked by the team.

So, if you are a minimalist t-shirt designer, Cotton Bureau is your go-to tshirt platform, a crowd-funded community for quality, limited edition apparel.

Here are some of the all time best, most popular designs. These are just our picks, but you can see all of them in the Wall of Fame section:

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If you are a designer and think your print belongs on Cotton Bureau, you can submit a design at any time. Meanwhile, here are a few of the current t-shirts available in the shop:

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So, what do you think? Do you like the designs? What about the submission process – have you tried it? Let us know if you’ve used the site and how was the experience like. Feel free to recommend your favorite t-shirt selling platform in the comments.

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