Cotton Bureau Blank – better blank t-shirts for women and men

Cotton Bureau Blank Kickstarter Campaign

Cotton Bureau are regulars on our blog. We admire and promote them any chance we have, if not here, on social media for sure, share by share. Now it’s time to give you an update on the successful t-shirt marketplace.

They are running a Kickstarter campaign to gather support for their unique blank t-shirts!

The industry has plenty of room for better blanks and Cotton Bureau is contributing with quality and style.

Women’s t-shirt in particular have always been a problem, no matter the supplier. It seems none have reached the customer’s expectations, that want them to be good quality, good sizes, ethical manufacturing and hopefully made in America, to name but a few. So the Bureau is proposing  to cover this gap.

Cotton Bureau blank

First of all, the biggest problem, the sizes will range from XS to 5XL. And that goes for men too. They promise to be better fitting, of premium quality, which means they are very soft and comfortable. The women’s fit comes close to those from GAP while the men’s selection will be similar to those of American Apparel or Bella+Canvas.

Second of all, the manufacting is located in the USA, which means better quality control.

Last but not least, they offered 100% cotton tees in black and white, and the tri-blend tees in heather grey and heather black. And they reached their initial goal in just 27 hours, so they proceeded to the next step, stretch goals: at $60,000, they released a new Blank tee color, a navy tri-blend. We’ll see if they’re going even further, with another stretch goal of $72,000.

If you are excited about this Cotton Bureau product don’t forget to share #BlankbyCB on social media and make some noise about better-fitting, size-inclusive tees!

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