Aaron Andrews Apparel – Inspiring Youth Through Fashion

The renown creative fundraising platform Kickstarter has approved the fundraising campaign presented by Aaron Andrews Apparel. For one month, ending October 17th, you can donate to the emerging clothing brand and assist in funding the clothing line’s Spring 2014 Collection.

As a man of faith, Aaron Westbrook wants to encourage youth and young adults this upcoming spring (2014) through the creative recreation of the seven gifts; the teaching that belief in God will bring seven gifts. These gifts that will be rendered through ancient and modern symbolism include Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding, Counsel, Courage, Reverence, and Wonder. These shirts will be an exclusive release titled “The 7 Series by Aaron Andrews Apparel”.

With this release, you can assist the brand in the printing process of those exclusive designs. Aaron Andrews Apparel will also have the necessary funding to expand its product portfolio to offer highly requested products to our customers including hooded sweatshirts, hats.

For more details, visit www.supportaA.com

Aaron Andrews Apparel
Inspiring Youth Through Fashion
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