8-Bit Zombie take you on a retro horror roller-coaster

Retro Horror Graphics by 8-Bit Zombie

The month of Halloween couldn’t have passed without introducing you to this next illustrator.

8-Bit Zombie is the lovechild of an 80s video game and an old, classic horror movie. Just writing the number 80 triggers a sense of nostalgia. The products and the graphics this brand launches all draw inspiration from  that era. The results all stem from a passion for cartoons, movies, video games or toys of the 80s.

The cheesy style is dedicated to the fans of the retro style. The latest launch included a few t-shirts, a pint glass, a lunchbox and some funny „Hoffman lenses”. They feature illustrations that reference Return of the Living Dead and The Live.

Without a doubt, it’s truly a fun way to pay homage to the coolest decade ever. Of course, that’s if you were a child of the 80s. I’m sure you are now torn between that sense of nostalgia and utter panic. I’m feeling very old all of a sudden.

retro horror retro horror

retro horror

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