11 awesome graphic designers to follow on Instagram

11 Amazing Graphic Designers to follow on Instagram

11 Graphic Designers that you should follow on Instagram

It’s practically impossible not to have heard of Instagram. A social network that has become more and more popular nowadays with more than 200 millions registered users. It makes me think , what’s so special about it? For me, Instagram allows people to easily show off what they are doing to their friends : a dinner in a fancy restaurant, an incredible journey or a new product, it’s all about sharing special moments and events. What’s more? You have a couple of filters that makes people feel like professional photographers.  It’s mostly about photo sharing, and telling stories to your friends via photos,which also makes Instagram different from photo manipulation applications.

I think that sometimes we need a little help in order to find what we are looking for. This is why, today I am going to talk about who should you follow on Instagram ? The most well-known graphic designers , artists and illustrators in the world are now accessible to you . Follow them on Instagram and you’ll be up to date with every brand new artworks or illustrations, conferences,awards and also you’ll be able to stalk their personal, intriguing lifestyles.

1. Mike Perry – @mikeperrystudio

A well-known graphic designer from US. He’s working in numerous media: books, magazines, films, newspapers and he draws, paints, and illustrates and animates. For further information and for a full animated experience follow him on Instagram or visit his official website here

Mike perry graphic designers


2. I Love Doodle:  Lim Heng Swee – @limhengswee

I can’t even describe how cute are these illustrations created by Lim Heng Swee. The artist has given life to objects and has made humans fall in love with products. Convince yourself by following I love Doodle on Instagram. 

I love doodle


3. Mister Doodle – @misterdoodle 

A typography and hand lettering genius , he has changed the face of illustration. You will find yourself among his quotes and you’ll definitely love his artwork.

You can purchase fonts from Mister Doodle from Creative Market.

Mister doodle instagram profile


4. Andreas M Hansen – @andreasmhansen 

Another typographer and a master of graphic design, Andreas M Hansen has an Instagram profile that will absolutely amaze you. Everything on the artist’s page is original and minimalist.  If you’re a fan of the white&black combination ,then his page will be one of your favorite.

Andreas M Hans graphic designer


5. Steven Harrington – @s_harrington 

Steven Harrington is an illustrative designer that specializes in detailed sketches. He is one of the people you need to follow if you’re into bold and dynamic designs.

steve harrington desings


6. Jessica Walsh – @jessicavwalsh

A female artist this time that will impress you with her love for graphic design. Her Instagram page is a mix of personal adventures and professional fulfillment.

Female artist


7. Jen Mussari – @jenmussari

With an astonishing sense for detail and an interesting portfolio, Jen is one of the youngest graphic designers in this industry. She seems to have a natural talent and she never ceases to surprise us.

Jen Mussari


8. Tolga Girgin – @tolgagirgin99

Creator of 3D illustrations, Tolga Girgin, has managed to bring upon us another perspective of graphic design. Born and raised in Turkey, he is now known all over the world for his engravings.

3D illustrations


9. Shiffa – @dashiffa

You already know about him from our previous post. His cartoons are never meant to be forgotten. You will find his art as being a little bit peculiar and it’s surely not everyone’s cup of tea.

Shiffa cartoons

10. Maztrone – @maztrone 

His sleek designs have caught our eye and we absolutely adore him. Maztrone is one of the most ”wanted” men of instagram with over 14k followers.

Maztrone artwork


11. Matti Vandersee – @vndzlr 

Matti Vandersee is simply inspirational ! His undeniably love for typography and for illustration is seen in all his creations.

VNDLZR graphic designer and illustrator

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