Cartooning by illustrator Shiffa

I am not gonna start counting the awards and big projects illustrator Shiffa was part of, since, he himself considers this to be pretentious. So I will tell you that this guy sees Advertising Design as his true calling. He says he is a “chilango” , which is a slang demonym for resident of Mexico City. He grew up drawing and tracing comic books, making photocopies but also doing the job of an Art Director. Foreign clients as well as the man from the cornershop have been his clients.

I found something very peculiar and particular about his biography – he insist on not wanting to talk about himself in the third person. There is a strong psychological correlation between that aspect and artist who try to present themselves to the world. I always thought that is highly pretentious, but blogging for so long also showed me that some artist use the third person to somewhat set up the content for sites and blogs that deliver the info about them. I try to see the latter part and not the enormous ego lying inside each artist.

But Shiffa slips a bit of sarcasm in by saying that and at the same time actually referring to himself in third person. Shiffa, you rascal!

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36 Days of Type from Shiffa on Vimeo.

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