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Zombie T-shirts – the Halloween edition

ZombieMart is the perfect place to start your quest for Halloween T-shirts. Since our focus this week is to find something wearable for the spooky Friday night, I present you ZombieMarts collection of both funny and scary zombie tees.

The company’s designs are mostly  inspired by the famous TV series Walking Dead but nevertheless they sell everything that has to do with zombies : from stickers,to jewelry,t-shirts and coffee mugs.  The concept that best describes them is variety: as a customer you can change your personality by choosing to be a zombie hunter or to become a true monster.

Either way you can buy your Halloween disguise for less than 25$ . Beside the designs that they are proposing there is also a Make your Own Tees category where you can easily become a zombie designer.  It requires only 3 steps and you can select the product you want,create yourself an awesome design,add text,swap clip art and change fonts and colors. Isn’t that amazing ? I mean with a few clicks you can become the creator of undead souls. They even estimate the total price for you, so you shouldn’t worry about doing math. Below is a preview , click on the picture to start designing !

zombie attraction

If you don’t have time to be original ,let’s find out what they are offering us for a unforgettable Halloween !  Have fun collecting brains,zombie lovers out there !

Zombie T-shirts

T-shirts zombies

T-shirts for Halloween Zombie Mart

Keep Calm and Kick Zombie Ass

BONUS !  From their collection of stickers ,  I chose one to stick it to your car when going to the Halloween party. Remember, your car deserves to be spooky too .


Zombie sticker

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