Character design from the workings of Jared Nickerson

You can find Jack Nickerson on  pe Behance. He is an amazing illustrator from Vancouver, British Columbia.He’s in the business for at least eight years and specializes in  character design, editorials and product design video games.
What led him to become an illustrator was his inclination for the arts since he was very young. Feeling the direction this will take in the future, he focused on the digital art, remaining a devotee of Adobe Illustrator.
What encouraged him, and the thing that he still prefers until this day, is the feedback you get from other important and respected artists. To be recognized by other in your field or have a fan base takes years to build up; these things require dedication and time, and especially patience , while enjoying the work you are providing. He is especially irritated by  those who fail to step up their game and choose to criticize the work of others, rather than create it themselves.

He admits having difficulties in creating logos, especially because they compel him to limit the whole idea of a company to single design.

For inspiration he send us to Behance, and BloodSweatVector. His experience says that designers are naïve and ridiculous when they consider themselves celebrities. No matter how well you draw, it won’t save anyone.

character design
Your Time Machine Stranded Me...
character design
You Ideas Suck__alll
character design
When Entropy Falls_
When Entropy Falls
character design
The Chills
the Antidote
Temper-Temper Jared Nickerson Must Die
Spiders, IceCream & Morphine
character design
Self Portrait April 09'_
character design
Pseudo's Daughter aka Mountainhead
Cadenza Album Cover for Sweet Content
In the Forest Where You Sleep_all
In the Forest Where You Sleep__
Go To Sleep Citizen
In the Forest Where You Sleep
Geomagnetic Cosmic X-Ray Specs
For the Love of the Ever Expanding Black Mass
Geomagnetic Cosmic X-Ray Specs
Country Club Nouveau
Atomic Lollipop_
Atomic Lollipop_

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