Wonder Woman t-shirts and a pinch of feminism

Inspirational Wonder Woman t-shirts

I know social movements that bring people together for a certain cause are much easier to organize these days. Thanks to social media, Facebook in particular, people are put in contact easier, cheaper, faster. They find motivation in personal belief or in the sense of justice for the ones around them. Feminism is one such ideology. It has become more and more present in our daily lives and, as a woman, I can only support that.

To be more exact, the Wonder Woman movie has become another symbol of that. It’s sad that a super hero woman is the exception and becomes the news. But here we are. Things could be worst and it’s good to now see it center show. I will add my small contribution to the conversation with a short list of designs that combine Wonder Woman’s fierceness with the feminist idea.

I was actually inspired by the very talented Risa Rodil’s designs. That prompted me to look for different interpretations of the character. This illustrator is known for promoting inspirational ideas, that move people to believe in themselves and overcome the struggles.

Wonder Woman is  a symbol of a woman’s strength; she’s the face of an immigrant prevailing over its condition; she’s a model of confidence for little girls and an example of a fighting spirit. Illustrators have also added a little humor to her so I’m happy to see she’s in the news for these reasons. I hope you like the designs I chose.

wonder woman t-shirts

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