Win 100$ with your tshirt design ideas

I just came across this useful and entertaining website called 6Dollarshirts, from where you can buy a variety of T-shirts at a low cost. When I say ”low cost”, I mean they literally cost between 3$ to 6 $ . I mean, can you believe it, the most expensive T-shirt is 12 $?  The company’s purpose is to make a difference, therefore they chose to sell their merchandise at a low price. Even if they don’t get profit, which is understandable, they are still trying to come up with amazing designs & prints.  You can help them in their quest to make a difference by submitting your design ideas. And guess what? If they liked your idea you will win 100$ . They created this section in which you need to register with your full name and e-mail , write your idea in the comment box and then send it for review to their crew.  The lucky winner will go shopping with 100$ in his/her pocket, become an artist designer, so you have nothing lose.

Win 100$ with your tshirt design ideas

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Their website is well categorized and easy to use since they have a variety of sections based on different opinions with different designs, of course. So, you can dress up for Halloween by buying a tee from Holiday&Costume Section , you can choose to support the geek community with their Geek&Tech Tees or you can choose to renew your wardrobe with a Premium Graphic Tee and many more.  Since  6DollarShirts doesn’t make a profit in selling their T-shirts , you can also choose to buy the 10 T-shirts pack at the lovely price of 50 $ . This should come in handy for the birthdays of your friends and who knows maybe you will keep some of the tees. Let’s support this initiative and let’s go buy some tees !


Buy me Coffee T-shirt

6 dollar T-shirt



Premium Tee


Bear T-shirt

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