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A week full of Shark t-shirts

Shark t-shirts to celebrate Shark Week

Shark Week has become a thing since 1988 since it was first aired by Discovery. It had such great success that each year in July the public enjoys a full week of shark documentaries. People have been fascinated by these somewhat misunderstood creatures that rule the seas and the oceans.

Sharks look ferocious, scary, blood-thirsty and instill a sense of uneasiness. The way these predators lurk around under water close to unsuspecting victims was an inspiration for a great horror classic, Jaws.

And still, they are under threat from the very beings that fear them the most – humans. That’s because we’re all up in their faces, invading their habitat. We’re 1000 times more likely to drown than dying from a shark attack.  They survived dinosaurs 64 million years ago, but their amazing survival skills ain’t got squat on people’s greed.

Thanks to Shark Week we are reminded how fascinating they are. Thus, to honor the Great White, the Hammerhead, the Tiger Shark, the Mako Shark or the Bull Shark, to name the most popular of them,  we’ve filled this post with the coolest shark t-shirts.

Let’s hope, some day, we’ll not be so inclined to destroy anything we don’t fully understand or mindlessly fear.

shark t-shirts