Wear Viral – your favorite viral videos on a t-shirt

Wear Viral T Shirts is an example of how strongly popular culture dominates the world of t-shirts and apparel in general.

This t-shirt company aims at satisfying the needs of fans wishing to wear the popular things that they love. It started in April 2013 and it will be constantly adding 3-5 designs each week based on the latest trends. All the designs are creative reproductions of pop culture topics. The shirts target a young audience of 16-30. Designs are $15.99 on the first week before they go to the regular price of $21.99.

If you are a fan of daily t-shirt sites – strong in popular references – then you will love these but if you’re not, you’ll get slightly frustrated by the rather thin concept behind them. I don’t necessarily dislike them but they are not my style, just like meme t-shirts are not something I would wear.

Michael Holmes is a Los Angeles based graphic designer who is the sole designer for Wear Viral T Shirts. He is constantly designing and illustrating, creating new work on a fast pace. His style can vary widely from pristine vector work to photo-collage painterly work. Mike has a Bachelor’s of Fine Art in Graphic Design from Cal Poly University and also does freelance.

The t-shirts are quite fun overall and I think the “Surprised kitty” one is very adorable, while the “Somebody that We Used to Know” one has a pretty good execution. So if you like them, head over to the site and use the coupon code LIRPA20 on checkout for a 20% off for the entire month of April ! Also, stay connected with them on Facebook for special offers.

You ca also change my mind about the designs in the comments section.

Viral video t-shirts:

viral video t-shirts
It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane
viral video t-shirts
Sombody that We Used to Know
viral video t-shirts
Surprised kitty
viral video t-shirts
The Dark Bat and the Bird Wonder
viral video t-shirts
Explosion in Gangnam
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