Photoshop tutorial – customize your portrait

There are a lot of ways to make your portrait original and cool, but not all of them are the coolest in the art-making business. We found a collection of how to make your portrait cooler and more appealing. Of course, in order for this to actually happen, you have to be best friends with Photoshop. If you are not good friends with Photoshop, we can show you some neat tricks to get to know this wonderful editing program more. The smart thing about this is that this effects are not that hard to achieve, but the result is absolutely dazzling.

Photoshop tutorial:

The first way to personalize your portrait is to create a unique profile image like this one.

1. Unique portrait

Photoshop tutorial - customize your portrait
Interesting Portrait

2. Stained portrait, really, really cool!

photoshop tutorial
Customize your portrait

3.  Remember Andy Warhol?

photoshop tutorial
Andy Warhol customization

4. Or, you can customize your portrait like this!

photoshop tutorial
Customize your profile

5. Ink portrait. Sincerely, the image reminded us of a Queen video.

Customize your portrait in Photoshop
Customized portrait

6. Watercolor portrait, as cool as there is!

Customized portrait
Customized portrait watercolors

7. Typography portrait

Customized portrait typo
Customized portrait typography

This being said, we would also like to add that these portraits should look even better on t-shirts! Just think about it! Your face on a t-shirt! Wouldn’t that be a nice thing!

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