New from Wacom: Bamboo Ink and Bamboo sketch

Wacom Bamboo Ink and Bamboo sketch


The tools of a graphic designer are precious.

They are the extension of his style and personality. In the arts world,  there are softwares, gadgets or utensils that fit a certain medium, a type of approach or a particular talent.

Professional digital artists will recommend a new comer a Bamboo tablet to start with. It’s a constant advice I hear, mainly for  those trying to transfer their talents into the digital realm.

Wacom has elevated the standard of the industry dedicated to illustrator. These new products will strengthen its position on the market on the designers’ desks.

In short, in May two new smart styluses were announced: Bamboo Ink and Bamboo Sketch.

Bamboo Ink was developed together with Microsoft, hence it will work with most of the 10 version platforms. It was especially designed for the Windows Ink work space and is able to reproduce natural handwriting and sketching. It also works in sync with Sticky Notes and Bamboo Paper.

On the other hand, Bamboo Sketch is especially designed for iOs, a fine tip stylus for natural sketching and drawing on both an iPad and iPhone. Just connect via Bluetooth and pair with your favorite Wacom compatible app. Thanks to the 16-hour battery life, the experience is as similar to the pen and paper experience as possible. Of course that is also based on the 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity that mimic natural writing and drawing.


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