Virtuali-Tee lets you explore the anatomy of the human body

Learn about the human anatomy with Virtuali-Tee

Welcome to the future. We may not have flying cars yet, but the rest of our world is like a scene straight out of Blade Runner.

The latest tech in the virtual reality field has come to include t-shirts. More specifically, you can now study the human body and see inside it with this special t-shirt made by Curiscope, a company that specializes in educational AR and VR :

Virtuali-Tee uses your smartphone and augmented reality for a glimpse into all major organs. What’s even more amazing is that you can interact with them. This is possible thanks to the visual markers present on the t-shirt. Just think how much fun exploring and learning about the digestive or circulatory system is, especially for children. The chance of them following a specialization in science is so much higher thanks to this t-shirt. And parents won’t need to spend a fortune, because the price starts at $30.

Virtuali-Tee is amazing for children and parents but also for schools and anyone passionate about studying anatomy. Oh, and you can totally use it on yourself and explore your own insides with the selfie mode. It’s like a portal towards another reality!

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