Vector backgrounds – floral themes

Arn’t you bored of your old wallpaper? A new one should sound great, right? But you cannot, repeat: cannot decide which wallpaper to use? You can as easily use one of the vector backgroundsI’ve found on a really cool website. The wallpapers are free to download and I think really appealing, when it comes to personalizing your wallpaper.  Your desktop deserves the best things in the house. And, if the free vector wallpapers are also free, your benefits are even greater.

The cool thing about this website I was telling you about is that they have a bunch of free wallpapers, not only floral, as you’ll see in the examples bellow. You can find all sort of wallpapers, most of them free.
Quite cool, if you stay and think about it.
The great thing about this is that the vector floral backgrounds are very light, this meaning that you can easily see your icons on your desktop.
Even ‘though they are free, before downloading this really cool wallpapers, please read the copyright. As graphic artists and vector art creators, we strongly suggest this action. Is an action of good will and respect for the artist that created this piece of vector art.
As I said before, I’ve selected a few floral vectors examples for you to see. For more info and downloading, fallow this link at MI9.
vector backgroundsvector backgrounds
vector backgroundsvector backgroundsvector backgrounds
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    If any of the wallpapers from this site is made by you, please send us a link to the original wallpaper and tell us if you want it removed or not. If not, please send your website address and we’ll post a link on the details page for that wallpaper. This way everyone wins. We want to give credit to those who deserve it!
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