Vapour Fall Clothing 2014 Lookbook

Vapour was born in 2009 as a small project. With a design background, the founders wanted to put their work in canvas to publish them and show people their passion. Which is a combination of fashion, music, art and graphic design. From a simple idea came the first set of  graphic tees and the first buyers were friends and family. The  people coming from principally a skate based streetwear town seemed to like the simplistic logo based designs so things went even further.

As time passed the project or shall we call it business has expanded and grown beyond their expectations.

They keep the love for design and never want to forget how things started. Which means the status of the company will stay independent. So, no corporatism, checking profit margins and sales figures every month – just a love for sharing what they create.

Let’s hope this will stay like this for a long time, and that the only thing that will change will be the designs, getting better and better, in line with the concept that prompted all of this.

Vapour Fall Clothing 2014 Lookbook

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