Urban art by David Choe

Urban Art by David Choe

We all know the famous urban artist David Choe from his epic works but most of all from his collaborations with different companies and artists like Jay-z , Linkin Park and even Facebook. One might say that he is living every artists dream, making a name for himself with his unique pieces. He is considered to be one of the richest graffiti artist in the world at the moment , having facebook shares that add up to $200 million.  His way of success in the urban art background is represented by every piece that he has ever done in a frenetic way called dirty style. He approaches themes that represent desire , degradation, beauty and exaltation and he paints them in a raw manner that blends his frenetic style with abstraction and sexuality. That’s how he managed to create murals that are unique in representation and absolute wonders to look at. For me , the elements of surprise in every mural that he has ever done are the colors that he uses. Not only he uses a vast pattern of bright colors but he blends them in a way that catches every persons imagination.

Turns out you don’t need a catchy nickname to make yourself known in the urban society. David Choe managed to create urban art that will last long after he will be gone. A spark of imagination is the only thing that you need to unlock David Choe’s secret.

Urban Art by David Choe

Urban art by david choe

Urban Art David Choe

David Choe Urban Art

David Choe Graffiti


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