Unruly Gent T-Shirts: A Brand of Love & Vindiction

A streetwear brand based in Singapore, Unruly Gent, searches for the deepest and the darkest fraction of the human soul. They are the Yin in all Yang.  T-shirts for those who are born to be different and who never fear expressing their emotions, especially the dark ones. Don’t be sorry, be vindictive – the Gent.

They come in black and white and, from time to time, in 50 pieces limited edition designs. The method of printing is the state-of-the-art high quality Digital Direct Printing, aka Direct to Garment (DTG) Printing.

So all of you, tall, dark, mysterious strangers, can buy your own dark and mysterious tee from here for 38$. They deliver worldwide.

Unruly Gent 1

Unruly Gent 2

Unruly gent 3

Unruly gent 4

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