Unfltrd Passion – Limited Edition Fashion

Unfltrd Passion initially started as a way to ensure I had shirts to match my growing collection that no one else had. Pretty selfish but limited edition kicks should be worn with an outfit equally limited. Unfltrd Passion started with a vinyl cutter, a cheap heat press and a core belief that style is about individuality, not what the media or celebrities say it is.

The brand still makes limited edition fashion for those who prefer individuality and to wear what no one else has. Today we offer ready to wear options for both men and women but we’re most proud to offer custom options that will give you the confidence that your style will be as unique as you are.

What you’ll love about Unfltrd Passion is that all of our items are:

* Limited release. Who wants what everyone else has?

* Customizable. Change not only the shirt color but the colors in the designs to your taste;

* Pantone Color Matching is available for those who want to ensure they have the perfect match;

* Personalization is included.

Below you can see a few samples:

Limited Edition Fashion

limited edition fashion I_Define_Style-900 Job23_10-Lincoln-Cathedral-Wide Kalia_PleasurePain_CloseUp Pleasure_Pain_900

Let us know if you tried Unfltrd Passion and what was your exprience with them, in comments.

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