UnderRepped brand for the underrepresented

There is quite an interesting t-shirt project submitted for funding over at Kickstarter that you might find different from the others. Paul Leonard got tired of seeing the same faces printed on t-shirts – celebrities and athletes and actors and pop culture figures.  All important in different ways but what about the lesser known inventors of useful stuff we use everyday without even realizing it?

Being in the medical field, Paul and his father came up with the idea of UnderRepped and came up with plenty of names from scientists and doctors to inventors of musical instruments. Like an elite club of geeks and science fans who would love to see familiar faces from these study areas. And everything will be printed on the highest quality t-shirts.

The project will focus on 4 individuals, for starters:

Adolph Rickenbacker – inventor of amplifiable electric guitar

Rene Laennec – inventor of stethoscope

Roald Amundsen – discovered the South Pole and led the first voyage to the North Pole

Victoria Woodhull – first woman to run for President of the United States

UnderRepped brand for the underrepresented !

kickstarter project
Victoria Woodhull
kickstarter project
Roald Amundsen
kickstarter project
Rene Laennec

You can follow the project on Facebook and Twitter to see the latest designs, photos and info about the line and how you can contribute. Here is the direct link to the Kickstarter project where you can add even the smallest of support.

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