BLACK FRIDAY DEALS: Ugmonk Holiday sale

Ugmonk Holiday Sale

Among the many beautiful artists and brands that are running a Black  Friday deal, Ugmonk couldn’t have been the odd one out. The man behind it this brand, Jeff Sheldon, has just launched 7 new products.

Thus, the 20% discount on everything on the site is not only convenient but it’s a major steal, considering the thought and care he puts into each item. Don’t forget to use the code GIVEBACK before checkout.

There is one new design „One day at a time” available in black and army.

The is one t-shirt series called ” The line series”. You can purchase them individually or as a set of three and save even more.

Last but not  least, One day at a time” is also available as a print. The other one is „Do a lot with little”.

I’m all excited for all these products, their quality and the fact that you can get them at a special price. What I am really impressed by and why I am sure to support Ugmonk every time I can, is the charitable aspect of these transactions.

Each item that you purchase will provide 3 meals for kids around the world. That’s actually something permanent Jeff does through his brand. He’s in a partnership with the charitable organization Rice Bowls to help feed kids in need. Of course, you can increase your donation anytime with the amount you want from the available options.


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