Ugmonk giveaway: Win $280 worth of tees

Support Gather and win 10 t-shirts in exclusive Ugmonk giveaway

I hope you are already familiar with Ugmonk and the man behind the brand, Jeff Sheldon.

Apart from his exquisite line of t-shirts and accessories, he’s also been focusing on a unique product for the last three years. That’s right! Jeff researched, sketched and optimized a tool to cater to his needs as a designer, for that amount of time. Dedication and professionalism is what defines his approach in the field, so a 3-year documentation before launching a product comes as no surprise.

ugmonk giveaway

Gather: The minimal, modular organizer that cuts clutter

Since he’s spending most of his time working at a desk, resolving the issue of clutter and order is important to him. You probably can relate, if you are looking for order in your work space. Jeff couldn’t find something efficient, of good quality and aesthetically satisfying, therefore he put his mind to creating one.


While launching the Gather minimal organizer campaign on Kickstarter, he set a goal of $18 000. Can you believe that it took only 47 minutes to reach it? Without a doubt, people absolutely love the modular organizer. Right now it has 2,355 backers with a financial contribution of almost $400 000.

His involvement, experience and consistency created “a modular home for to cut through the clutter. It adapts to your work space and workflow to make sure the tools you need are always within reach. You can configure it in hundreds of ways to exactly the way you want to use it. The grid system allows each of the pieces to rotate or position anywhere along the base. It is made from beautiful solid wood and polished white thermoplastic. Durable, high-quality materials with precision craftsmanship mean that Gather complements any space, standing the test of time. It is available in 2 colors, Walnut or Maple.”

Hence, the final product is absolutely beautiful: practical, elegant and durable. The immense time and effort lead to a unique work space organizer. And to finish his campaign strong, Jeff is having a giveaway, with a $280 worth of Ugmonk Tees prize (10 t-shirts). You can enter by:

  1. Sharing Gather on Facebook (and then send a screenshot to [email protected])
  2. Tweeting this message: Check out Gather, the minimal, modular organizer that sold over $370K →

The Winner will be announced on July 15.

Additionally, if you want to know more about Ugmonk, Gather or Jeff himself, you can join the Live Q&A  on Kickstarter on Tuesday, July 11 at 7:00pm EST, when he’ll answer questions about:

  • Why it took 3 years to design Gather.
  • Keys to the Kickstarter success.
  • And finally, what he’s working on next. (Including the future of Gather).
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