Typography News: Contests and festivals

Typography News

There was a time when we obsessed about typographic designs. That hasn’t changed much, but we decided to spare you for a while and diversify. Now, we have a few very good reasons to talk about typography again.

This niche has evolved a lot in recent years. Thus, conferences, contests or workshops are a natural result of that. Hence, here are two such events for your consideration.

Istype is an annual event that puts typography center stage, through seminars and workshops. They are perfect for students, professionals and amateurs of type production. The event embraces history, calligraphy, technology, math, programming, and drawing and art.

The international gathering will take place between 9 and 11 of June in Turkey, Istanbul. This year’s theme is “Variation” , aimed at analyzing the interaction between practice and theory throughout the history of typography. There are 16 seminars and 3 workshops to take part in.

The other piece of news regards the Typomania Video Contest 2017, within the Moscow international typography festival Typomania. This is an international festival calling all typographic designers to submit their video material, as individuals or as groups, without any age restriction. There are categories such as movie titles, cartography, animated poster and more. Most noteworthy, the deadline is May 1 2017, while the material will be judged based on story line, attention to font and the quality of performance.

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