Made with Creative Market: Typography Contest

Creative Market Typography Contest

And yes, the moment I was highly anticipating has arrived. Creative Market launched the newest, latest “Made With” contest and the theme is: TYPOGRAPHY. So much good stuff can be done with the resources available on the site! If there’s something highly specialized with an astounding abundance of styles on there, that’s definitely typography.

For me, the way this contest works, it’s like it was made for this specific theme. The volume of submissions could be massive, because people love pretty lettering with a motivational tone. And the result is equally enjoyable for both designers and general public. Take all of the high quality material on Creative Market, think of how many quotes and outdoor photography there is to combine and maybe you can start to realize how much work there will be in selecting a winner. And still, I was amazed by their engagement and answers on and from their Instagram account with over 160k followers. Do you know that they take the time to chat or congratulate each participants on their effort? They seem so present and easily reachable, regardless of how simple the matter.

I admire the strong community this graphic design market place has been creating for a few years. Therefore I encourage you to have some fun, first of all, while you submit your work. Second of all, I am sure you wouldn’t mind a chance to win a typography poster and a year of Skillshare premium for classes on calligraphy, lettering, font creation and more!

Without further ado, I hope you will try to create something different than motivational posters and win the big prize, as well as the recognition you deserve! Good luck and, most of all, take joy in your creative flair!

Here are some beautiful examples of that:

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