Tshirt Fight mashup Mario Bros. x Breaking Bad

Last week was the first t-shirt fight between a Loki design and a Dia de los Muertos themed graphic. After a thrilling tie between the two, Loki eventually prevailed and is battling with this new t-shirt, a mash-up between Mario Brothers and Breaking Bad, by Moysche. Fans of both phenomena will understand it and will  make it a winner, most likely. Here is your chance to get this new design further on to next week.

breaking bad
Super Breaking Bros.

Tshirt-Fight is weekly changing the designs according to sales. The one that gets sold the most, wins the fight and moves on to battle other designs.

The coupon code from last week is still available for Tshirt Factory fans so don’t hesitate to use it, in order to get 10% off –  use tshirtfactory10 before checkout!

breaking bad
Tshirt Fight
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