Tshirt Factory Artist Interview – Artevrie

Getting to know our Tshirt Factory.com designers personally is the best part of our creative collaborations. They each have their own stories, with little details that no one has while they also seem to have gone on similar paths. And still, the results, the end artworks are all different from each other, borrowing from all designers before them and after them. We are all some kind of mixologists, trying to reach the perfect formula.

Here is another experimenter in the field of art and digital design, that we are hosting on our site: Evrie Harvian, who goes by the name of Artevrie and who has taken the time to share some thoughts about creating for us.

Tshirt Factory Artist Interview – Artevrie

OANA: Please tell us more about your art and design background. What made you become a designer?

ARTEVRIE: I am self-taught designer who likes cartoons, comics and music like metal / hardcore / punk. I’m Evrie Harvian a.k.a. Artevrie born in 1978.  I’ve been working freelance since 2010.

Hailing from Bandung – Indonesia, my city is a located in the highlands and the air is so cool and fresh. On weekends, I spent my time to mountain biking, sometimes I play my electric guitar with distortion and high gain to get inspired. I always dreamed of being a professional designer and illustrator. I was influenced at an early age by comics, cartoons, films, heavy metal music. Over the years I developed my own style of colorful illustration and design. I have designed custom merch for bands and apparel companies. Whether it is a shirt design, gig poster, company logo, album artwork and many more, I will design it for you.

OANA: How or when did you start illustrating on a professional level?

ARTEVRIE: Officially I started drawing professionally  in 2010.

Virgin-Mary-Pray-T-shirt-clip-art-13261 Whitetail-Reaper-T-shirt-design-14952

OANA: Where does your inspiration come from?

ARTEVRIE: My inspiration is from vintage comics, video games.

OANA: How would you describe your style?

ARTEVRIE: My style is vintage, oldskool comic, simple and with a clear line.

Fox-Flannel-mockup Survivor-Shirt-design-15117

OANA: What tools you use? Do you go 100% digital or is there paper involved?

ARTEVRIE: I use digital tools such as a pen tablet and computer, paper is for practice.

OANA: Is there anything that you specifically avoid using in your illustrations?

ARTEVRIE:I avoid insulting theme illustrations, with fascist and racist undertones.

OANA: What was the hardest job you have ever worked on?

ARTEVRIE: All the work I do is done with pleasure, but I do not like the clients with a lot of requests and chatty.

OANA: Can you name some of your favorite designs and why?(personal or from other designers)

ARTEVRIE: I love the designer Godmachine, Brandon Heart, Felix La Flamme, Pushead. I love their style, they give a lot of inspiration.

OANA: Any graphic designers you admire?

ARTEVRIE: I really admire Godmachine.

OANA:Any words of advice for anyone just starting out as an illustrator/graphic designer?

ARTEVRIE: Keep learning and practicing and keep it original!


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