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Top 5 free typefaces

The only thing we love more than a good font, is a good free font.  So we searched the web for some of our favorites free fonts, and gathered them here for you.

You will find a variety of awesome free typefaces , from art deco lettering to geometric, shaded characters and angular, constructed all-caps typeface. You can use them sparingly , whenever you need something truly interesting. You can wonderfully evoke the geometry of 1980’s video games or create ideal logos for magazines. Some of this fonts can be used to create logos that instill confidence in the viewer.

Check out these free typefaces and don’t forget to click on the pictures below if you want to download it.

1. Smaq Typeface ( Free Font )

free typefaces

2. Monastic Pro(Free Font)

Free fonts

3. Metrica – Free Font Download

free typefaces

4. BUILDING | Free Font

free font

5. Grafter Font – Typeface

free font

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