Top 10 Most Creative T-shirt Designs

We are constantly in search for new and outstanding T-shirt designs to wear them on a daily basis. We like to dress up differently every day and even more we love people noticing what we wear . This is all because we adore compliments. I mean what girl wouldn’t enjoy a compliment like : ”Omg , your tee design is so dope ”, or what man wouldn’t like to be admired by his buddies ? This is why I propose you to take a look  at our top, that includes 10 most creative T-shirt designs that you will ever see.  Bear in mind that some of  these tees are a combination between modern technology and fashion, while others amaze you with their inspirational messages.

Top 10 Most Creative T-shirt Designs


Wi-fi Detector T-shirt

A T-shirt design that shows the current wi-fi signal strength aka A perfect gift for your geek friends. Runs for hours using just three AAA batteries.

Wi-fi Detector T-shirt design


Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt from ThinkGeek

If you are a fan of electronic and rock music this T-shirt will fit you perfectly. You can actually play all major chords on your guitar just using your T-shirt.

Below you can see the demo video ! Rock on !


ALT OF CTRL T-shirt design

The Holy Grail for all the rebels out there. Get the tee and get out of control !

alt ctrl t-shirt designs

Out of control tee

WTF ? from Blair Slayer

An odd combination between a Sphynx Cat and tons of plasters.

odd t-shirt design guy cat

I don’t want to grow up  T-shirt design

A t-shirt that is perfect for those who want to remain children forever

I don't wanna grow up tee


Football Fan Tee

Another type of tee for Holland’s supporters especially

Football fans

Beers & Beards Tee

A modern reinterpretation of a new world wide phenomenon – Having a great beard is equal to having a great beer

Beard designs

Torn Apart T-shirt 

This is the perfect example for the wonders that can be produced by illusion.

Torn Apart tee

Lions Are Smarter Than I Am 

A design that will teach your children how important studies are for their future.

Lions Are smarter than I

Lions T-shirt design

Milky-way T-shirt design 

Coming from an incredible artist, below you can see the creation of our galaxy.

The big Spill

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