Threadless x Bucketfeet – a match made in shoe heaven!

Threadless x Bucketfeet

Maybe this is the first time you hear about Bucketfeet. Therefore, before I get to the actual news, let me tell you a few things about them.

Bucketfeet was inspired by a cheesy yet meaningful gesture between two friends:

„Co-founders Raaja Nemani and Aaron Firestein met by chance while volunteering in Argentina. Aaron was an artist from Berkeley, CA living in Buenos Aires and Raaja was taking a year to backpack around the world. Before Raaja left Argentina, Aaron gave him a pair of hand-designed shoes inspired by the city blocks of Buenos Aires.”

Raaja’s shoes were the talk of the town in his worldwide journey. So, the two guys joined forces and founded Bucketfeet in 2011. Now it offers the most original Artist-Designed shoes in the world.

Now, having read the title of this post you know where this is going. You might have a guess and chances are you are right!

Bucketfeet will be merging with Threadless! They’re going all the way.

Bucketfeet support artists and offers them a platform to sell designs on footwear. That’s what Threadless does since day one with apparel and accessories. It was only natural to see the union between these two. Ultimately, this means a new array of artists, a new range of products for artists to designs on and the options for customers to get customized shoes is so exciting!

To make the transition smoother, the two brands will be slowly fuse together, with Threadless launching shoe designs challenges and integrating footwear into both Threadless and Artist Shops.

This is literally „making great together”!

For the upcoming holidays, the Bucketfeet site will be running strong and I encourage you to head over there now and shop the most recent Threadless collection, especially the Halloween themed series. If you have your eye on something special, get it for 30% off with the code YAYBFTH9138. The code expires October 30th (for US orders only, unfortunately).

This is amazing news and I can’t wait to see all the creative endeavors put forward by the community sorrounding this new product!

Congrats to both parties!

Threadless x Bucketfeet



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