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Threadless Troundup free t shirts

Colin, over at Troundup, has a birthday on the 20th of September. As the drinking age is a big deal for everyone, he decided to celebrate it accordingly, with all of his readers. He has a promotion that goes like this: Every day for the next two weeks, he will give away one $25.00 Threadless gift certificate (a total of 14). He will be doing his giveaways mostly through the troundup Facebook page, and some on the actual blog or Twitter. On September 20, he’ll be upping the ante with a $100.00 Threadless gift certificate. So, he’s giving away free t shirts worth a total of fourteen Threadless gift certificates over the next two weeks. To keep up with all the news follow him on Twitter and on Facebook.

But this is not all. For those willing to pay around $10 for a $25.00 gift certificate the promotion is that he’ll give you a Threadless gift certificate if you buy him a present. He made an Amazon wish list of items in the $10-$18 range. If you buy him one of these items, you’ll get a $25.00 Threadless free t shirts certificate. So just buy an item from the list and then send him an email and you’ll receive Threadless free t shirts ! If you think this is awesome, click it! And good luck!

Threadless Troundup free t shirts

Colin – Troudnup

free t shirts