Threadless Christmas SALE – A gift guide

Threadless Christmas SALE

Feeling a llittle panicky yet? You say you have time to buy them gifts, but you know how it happens every year. It seems like December days shrink and you wake up 2 days before Christmas in a frenzy, trying to decide what socks to choose and watching damn Youtube tutorials on how to wrap them.

So, that needs to stop. If you are a frequent reader of our blog or came here through a search, it means you have some geeky, pop culture loving friends and family memebers that could really enjoy some of the products Threadless has put up on sale. There are up to 80% discounts on accessories, select tyles and kids. Also, you can get free shipping with the code THREADHOLIDAY14 (but US customers must have a minimum purchase of $60 and International orders must be at least $90 worth).

With that in mind, here are some fun stuff you can get from Threadless:

threadless christmas sale

The t-shirt comes with extra Pulp (Fiction):

636x460shirt_guys_01 (1)

Any of your friends feeling nostalgin about the summer days?

636x460shirt_guys_01 (2)

The design will make for an interesting conversation with grandma at Christmas dinner:

636x460shirt_guys_01 (3)

The neighbor’s Christmas lights will pale in comparison to this:

636x460shirt_guys_01 (4)

We all have a sarcasm-loving friend or uncle¬†with a sailor’s mouth. Again, ou should make them wear this at the Christmas dinner:


If none of your close ones watch Game of Thrones, they do not deserve you or your gifts. End of story.

636x460shirt_guys_01 (5)

For Shark Week afficionados:

636x460shirt_guys_01 (6)



girly tees

Al girls dream of unicorns, right?

636x460shirt_girls_01 (8)

If she’s a video gamer, she’s a keeper! Lavish her with these gifts:

636x460shirt_girls_01 (1)

636x460shirt_girls_01 (2)


For the Survivor kitty in her:

636x460shirt_girls_01 (4)


Because she is so good at creating panick. But be careful ! She must have a sense of humor:

636x460shirt_girls_01 (5)

For your stoner female friend:

636x460shirt_girls_01 (6)

A declaration of true love:

636x460shirt_girls_01 (7)

She swears like a sailor? Give her an example of subtlety:


Feeling trapped in the friend zone? There’s something for you to give:


kids and accessories

All the cool kids have one of these, and I am not talking aout you, you big baby! These are actually kids t-shirt that they will love:

636x460longsleeve_lilguys_01 636x460shirt_lilgirly_01 636x460shirt_lilguys_01 (1) 636x460shirt_lilguys_01 (2) 636x460shirt_lilguys_01

If choosing clothes is not your thing, here are some accessories you can equally be psyched about:

636x460design_01 (1) 636x460design_01 (2) 636x460design_01 (3) 636x460design_01 636x460laptop_01 636x460ipad_01 636x460iphone_01 (1)636x460iphone_01 636x460iphone_02 636x460iphone_08 (1) 636x460iphone_08

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