Threaded Canvas a new collection with high-quality designs

Threaded Canvas presents the new collection

Celebrate creativity by supporting local and world-wide artists by subscribing to the exclusive Threaded Canvas monthly subscription box. Each box includes 3 awesome art tees, and other art collectibles. The Team scours the internet looking for the most elite artists to feature in their boxes and hand pick the highest quality designs for use.
Each month the box will ship for $20.00 dollars and that will help support indie artist and their art.

“Threaded Canvas, the monthly art T-Shirt subscription box was started by a group of friends in Indiana with the goal of giving the gift of art tees to a larger audience around the world. We scour the internet for elite artists to include into our program, and because of the limit once a month nature of our offering, only the best designs get printed.

Each month is a collection of designs that you’ll be proud to wear”.

Celebrate creativity and get your Threaded box here.

quality designs threaded canvas
Threaded Canvas


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