Teezus Apparel Kickstarter project for graphic tees

Teezus Apparel started back in May of this year because the owner,  Jeffery Cheung, wanted to give something special to the t-shirts found today. Many of the name-brand companies in our modern day have gone from creating artwork and amazing graphic tees to logo-ed plain shirts. He wanted to give new life to the t-shirt industry by combining unique artwork with high quality t-shirts but still keeping the costs affordable. After many long hours tackling the drawing board, Teezus Apparel was born.

Although Teezus Apparel began as just a couple inspired sketches, it has now become a new lifestyle. Teezus Apparel brings a new experience to the average t-shirt.

The goal is to make a t-shirt that is not only beautiful, but  comfortable too. The shirts are made from 100% preshrunk, soft-feel cotton and our inks are of the highest quality.

Teezus Apparel was launched on Kickstarter and it will run through October 12.

This Kickstarter features 10 different designs to choose from. Each shirt is $20 to a limited number of backers and ships free to anywhere in the US. The campaign also offers customized silicon wristbands, the option of creating a personalized t-shirt, and you can even create your own design for our online store which will be opening in January 2015. There will be men’s cut, women’s cut, and crop top cut for all of t-shirts, while looking to expand to v-necks, sweaters, hoodies, accessories, and more color variations.

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Kickstarter project

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