V for Vendetta 5th

Celebrate the 5th of November – TeeFury’s Guy Fawkes T-shirt

TeeFury’s Guy Fawkes T-shirt for Only 11$

Remember, Remember the 5th of November is the quote that rhymes today in our heads. This poem was originally created in 1605 , in Great Britain under the name of Guy Fawkes Night. Taking the name from the man who wanted to destroy the House of Lords ( now Parliament ) , Guy Fawkes Night is celebrated until nowadays. Since the movie V for Vendetta was aired, this particular day has become more and more popular . The 5th of November marks the fact that governments should be afraid of their people, not the other way around.

Today we celebrate more than 10 years since we’ve seen the Vendetta in action with Natalie Portman and Hugo Weaving as main characters in the movie. As a token of our appreciation, I propose you take a look at this amazing T-shirt design offered by TeeFury.  This limited edition cheap T-shirt will make you want to jump in the movie and be part of the action. Moreover you can do that by paying only 11 $.  Below you can see a live caption, you have 19 hours to get an awesome T-shirt design that will help you forever remember this memorial day.



The design of the Guy Fawkes T-shirt is simple with a direct reference to the movie V for Vendetta, therefore to the loved character  of Anonymous. Showing his face on a black background with red shapes, the design is perfect for those who want to keep a tee souvenir of this special day.


5th of November


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