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Posts tagged with ‘tshirt design’

  • CX. City t shirt brand – 2 year anniversary !

    By Oana on August 16, 2011
    It seems like the t shirt brand CX. City is celebrating their 2 years anniversary , and it’s a happy one regarding how much they’ve grown in the past 2 years.As a surpirise for the fans they made a photoshoot to highlight some of the new designs they released.But the surprises are not over.They are also offering a discount of […]
  • Akumu Ink – original t shirt designs in the cemetery

    By Oana on August 16, 2011
    Akumu Ink is a cool brand that is doing original original t shirt designs and products inspired by Japanese horror tatto,terrifying horror movies and cute pop icons.They started in 2008 as an online t shirt brand in their apartment from Montreal.The team has 2 members: Joey the illustrator/designer/screen printer and Dora who takes care of customer service and all things […]
  • Lady Gaga t-shirts were born this way

    By Oana on April 29, 2011
    After Michael Jackson died, they didn’t think that another artist could level-up. Well, the impossible happened. Some other young artist broke the ice. You already know that this artist is Lady Gaga. Since she entered the music market, she’s been an absolute blast and convinced the audience that she is worth a while.  So, she knocked-out every chart in the […]
  • Rock t shirts are the coolest thing !

    By Oana on February 3, 2011
    The rock band t-shirt have been with us for a very long time. Since the beggining of the rock era, since the 60s we are invaded, and we don’t mind! It is well know that rock n’ roll changed a the mentality of human kind, also changed its looks. As people became frenetique, the rock bands became popular. They gathered […]
  • Free Vectors – the latest grunge edition ! ! !

    By Barkone on November 17, 2010
    Vectors are incredibly common with design elements. Whether it’s a pure vector-based illustration, an overall graphic design composition with some vector elements, or a web design with vector backgrounds, having some quality vectors in your arsenal can be a real asset. Nowadays grunge graphic is almost everywhere: prints, T-shirts, web, flyers and posters etc. Grunge style means dirty look with irregular, […]
  • Blackrock Collective just rocks !

    By Barkone on November 4, 2010
    Hey everybody! I was just hanging around on internet and I’ ve seen the coolest release of cards deck combining urban art with fun games. Some good news for those witch are lovers of art:The guys from Blackrock Collective Card Deck were created just for you an absolutely desirable card deck. This is the result of 36 great artists creativity. […]